Screen Printing Silk Screen Emulsion for textile & Fabrics

(1 kilo) tub + 100gram stripper powder (makes 10 litres )


Product Description

A high viscosity, dual cure, emulsion which provides critical resolution and fine definition. Suitable for textiles, ceramics and graphics.

This Emulsion is Ideal to coat you screen and exspose your image/design onto your screen mesh, ready to print . can coat up to 50 screens depending on the size of your frame. ( Good Value )

Printing of fine lined drawing or images, Suitable for all printing techniques, as well as 4 colour process & half-tone printing, Duel purpose emulsion therefore can be use for both water based & solvent based inks

The entire container of photo emulsion must be sensitized.

The sensitized system has a pot life of 12 months in a cool dark inviroment

The emulsion / sensitizer system coated screen are a longer lasting Then the diazo film type.

emulsion / sensitizer mixing instructions

Fill small sensitizer bottle with water to desolve powder and shake well.

Pour into tub of emulsion and stir well with wooden stirrer provide then let sit for 1 hour, stir again before each use

When working with photo emulsion, please work out of direct light, under red or yellow light prefered.

Product Description


Screen printing Photo emulsion and stripper Set

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